Press Releases

Yard Waste Curbside Pick-up to Begin

The Town of Bristol will resume residential yard waste pick-up beginning Monday, March 27.

Please place your yard waste bags and/or barrels at curbside by 7:30 am on your regularly scheduled trash pickup day.

Acceptable Items

  • Barrel size is limited to 35 gallons
  • Brush must be tied in bundles of 4 foot lengths
  • Containers must be clearly marked ‘compost’
  • Only grass clippings, leaves and brush are to be placed in the paper bags
  • Weight limit for bags and barrels is 50 pounds maximum

Yard Waste Containers

  • Trash barrels being used for yard waste must be clearly market COMPOST
  • Weight limit for bags and barrels is 50lbs MAX
  • Barrel size is limited to 35 gallons
  • The same weight and size limits apply to store bought reusable yard waste bags/containers
  • If using yard waste bags, the limit is 20 bags per week
  • If using barrels, the limit is 10 barrels per week

Unacceptable Containers

  • Custom-made barrels, overweight barrels, and/or oversized barrels will NOT be emptied
  • Barrels that are on wheels or that have been fabricated in any way (rope handles, etc.) will NOT be emptied

Unacceptable Items

  • Any material left behind will be tagged and not picked up until the following week, if acceptable
  • Containers with foreign matter (dirt, sod, rocks, plastic, trash, etc.)
  • Overweight or over-sized containers
  • Plastic bags

For more information, please call the Water Pollution Control Department at 401-253-8877.