Bristol offers your business information on local utility service providers that can provide your business the high-quality service you have come to expect.


The Bristol County Water Authority (BCWA) is the water supplier for Bristol County, Rhode Island. Current rates are available on the BCWA website at: https://bcwari.com/currentwaterrates-2/.

Bristol County Water Authority: 1-401-245-2022

Property Insurance (Flood)

The Town of Bristol participates in the Community Rating System of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and has been elevated to a Class 7 under this program. Participation in this program rewards the Town for good flood plain management and results in reduced flood insurance premiums for Bristol property owners who are policy holders.

Cable & Broadband

i3 Broadband: 1-401-247-1250

Cox Communications: 1-800-261-4021

Verizon: 1-401-247-1250


Electricity & Gas

National Grid is Rhode Island’s default energy service provider.

Electric: 1-800-322-3223

Gas: 1-800-870-1664

Current Electricity Rates:


Current Gas Rates:


*The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving rates.

Business can opt to contract with a third-party energy supplier. Customers can compare energy supplier rates by visiting: https://www.ri.gov/app/dpuc/empowerri/rate_card. Supplier rates offered over set contract terms.

Trash & Recycling

Bristol Collection Service

Bristol offers its businesses rubbish and recycling receptacles for purchase. Bristol businesses can request a maximum of one 65-gallon rubbish receptacle two 65-gallon recycling receptacles. Bristol will provide complimentary weekly pickup for businesses.

Business that have additional disposal needs should contact a third-party service provider.

Bristol Department of Public Works: 1-401-253-4100

Bristol Transfer Station

Bristol businesses can purchase an annual permit to enter the Bristol Transfer Station. Businesses will be charged per pound that is disposed of.

For more information, please visit the Department of Public Works webpage here: