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Town to Begin State-Mandated Statistical Update Revaluation Project

Bristol, RI-The Town of Bristol has announced the start of the state-mandated statistical update revaluation project for the year 12/31/2021. The State of Rhode Island mandates that Cities and Towns revalue all property every three years, and perform full inspections every 9 years (RIGL 44-5-11.6). The Town has hired Northeast Revaluation Group, LLC, a municipal revaluation vendor located in Warwick, RI, to assist with the project.

The purpose of the revaluation is to update all real property values in the Town and is performed using sales and market data since the last revaluation of 2018. During the first phase of the project, Northeast Revaluation and the Town of Bristol will send notices to the property owners of real estate sales that have taken place from 1/1/2019 thru 12/31/2021. The notices will inform new owners within 2019 thru 2021 that the revaluation is underway, and that a data collector from Northeast Revaluation will be stopping by to inspect the property. {Please note only properties that have sold within the stated 3 year period}. The data collector will measure the exterior of the property and update physical characteristics, no interior inspections will be made. This inspection of the sold properties is very important since having accurate data on those properties is critical to any assessment changes that are made in the Town.

Northeast Revaluation employees will carry identification badges and their vehicles will be registered with the police department. The revaluation update for the 2021 year will be reflected in the 2022 tax year.

For any questions regarding the project, property owners may call Northeast Revaluation at 401-737-0300 or the Bristol Tax Assessor’s Office at 401-253-7000 or by email at [email protected].