Weekend Manager – Town Beach & Sports Complex

  • Seasonal
  • Bristol

Overall Responsibility

  • To oversee the operation of the Bristol Town Beach & Sports Complex’s beach, ballfields, parking lots, picnicking areas and restroom facilities.
  • Providing supervision to gate attendants, lifeguards and maintenance staff. Create a safe and clean environment for beach patrons, sporting event participants and guests.
  • Reports to Director & Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation.


  • Supervision of beach employees, lifeguards, gate attendants and maintenance staff to support operations of beach, ballfields and facilities.
  • Closing or not opening beach due to inclement weather conditions after consulting with Director and/or Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation.
  • Closing any and all bathing areas whenever such action is deemed necessary during periods of severe weather and other emergency conditions in the interest of public safety
    after consulting with the lifeguards. Whenever a bathing area has been closed because of the aforementioned conditions, lifeguards shall be retained on the beach to caution
    prospective bathers against entering the water.
  • Handle any issues that may arise regarding prohibited items and/or actions in a respectful manner.
  • Consulting with the Director and/or Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation on any safety concerns, problems or questions.


  • As an employee, you are a representative of the Town of Bristol, and must greet and address the patrons and guests politely and properly, in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • Conduct periodic meetings with employees throughout the workday.
  • Open or close beach depending on the weather. Consult with the Director and/or Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation,  regarding decisions to close or not open the
    beaches due to inclement weather.
  • Check condition of beach, parking lots and picnicking areas before attendants and lifeguards arrive.
  • Consult with the Director and/or Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation on the operation of the beach and sports complex.
  • Request resources needed to maintain safe and clean environment for patrons and guests.
  • Repair or replace equipment, maintain in good condition at all times. Perform minor maintenance on beach facilities and structures.
  • Periodically check conditions of restrooms.
  • Perform periodic walkthrough of beach and facilities for cleanliness, refuse status and orderliness.
  • Monitor all areas for alcohol consumption, smoking, charcoal, and correct conditions, utilize Bristol police if necessary.
  • Keep written record of the day to include staffing, weather/beach conditions, volume of vehicles and sales, accident/incident  reports, rescues and assists in the daily Manager Report.
  • Assist in emergencies (lost children, medical, etc.)
  • Maintain inventory list and order supplies through the Director and/or Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation.
  • When necessary, call police, rescue, DEM, or CRMC.
  • Review and submit account of lifeguards and attendants weekly hours for payroll purposes.


  • Proper attire is required (neat and clean).
  • Weekend and holiday shifts required 8 hours per day (8am-4pm) some 4 hours per day shifts (3pm-8pm)
  • Pay rate $20.00
  • Unless notified to the contrary, you must report at your assigned starting time regardless of weather.
  • If beach/complex is closed – there will be no hourly wage.
  • You will be paid on a bi-weekly payroll basis. Last pay check to be mailed or picked-up after Labor Day.
  • You will be paid time and one half for all hours worked on July (Independence Day).

Posting will remain open until filled.

Complete application by clicking the link below and email to [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit www.bristolri.gov.