Probate Court

The Probate Court hears matters relating to Estates, Guardianships, and Name Changes.

Probate Court Forms are available on the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s website. Please Note: The use of these statewide forms is mandatory.

Probate Court Schedule

Probate Court Rules and Procedures

Pursuant to RIGL 33-22-29, the Probate Court of the Town of Bristol hereby establishes the following local administrative rules:

General Fees


Those items designated by an asterisk (*) above typically require advertising unless submitted on Waiver of Notice. In addition, advertising is required for the following.

Probate Action Fee
Affidavit of Complete Administration $34
Maximum Amount for an Estate $1,500
Minimum Amount for an Estate $34
Petition for Administration* $34
Petition for Change of Name* $34
Petition for Probate of Will* $34
Petition for Guardianship $34
Petition for Removal of Fiduciary $34
Voluntary Administration (Small Estate) $34 + $5 per Certified Copy
Voluntary Information Executor (Small Estate) $34 + $5 per Certified Copy
Will for Filing with no Probate $34
Advertising Fee
Accounting $52.50
Administration $139.00 without waiver, $86.50 with waiver
Guardianship $139.00
Petition for Sale of Real Estate $52.50.00
Probate of Will $139.00 without waiver, 86.50 with waiver
Advertising Fee
Certificate of Appointment (Each) $5
Certified Copy of Any Probate Document $3 + $1.50 Per Page
Probate File Copies (Per Page) $1.50

Contact Us

Address: 10 Court Street, Bristol, RI 02809
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday | 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Melissa Cordeiro

Town Clerk

Phone: 401-253-7000

Paula Carroll

Senior Clerk

Phone: 401-253-7000 ext.121