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Get Involved! Become a Poll Worker for the 2020 Election

Interested in being a poll worker?

Elections are a community endeavor and offer many opportunities for folks to get involved. One way to help your community on Election Day is to sign up to be a poll worker. Poll workers are individuals who work at the polling places on Election Day. They are a critical part of the election process and play a vital role in making sure everything runs smoothly for voters.

Under Rhode Island General Law 17-11-12, in order to work at the polling place an individual must be:

  • A registered voter in Rhode Island.
  • Able to read the Constitution of the state in English.
  • Able to write his/her own name.

Each city and town are responsible for recruiting people to work at their local polls. The State Board of Elections conducts trainings for poll workers to make sure they are prepared and understand the important role they play in improving access to the ballot box.

Poll workers receive a generous stipend and lunch & dinner at the polls.

We can really use your help! If you are interested in being a poll worker, contact the Town Clerk’s office at 401-253-7000, ext 131 for an application today.