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Dog License Renewals due by April 30th

It’s Dog License Renewal Time!

Dog licenses must be renewed annually before April 30th. Dog licenses have been mailed and should be arriving in your mailbox soon!

Dog licenses may be renewed in person at Town Hall (10 Court Street, Bristol, RI 02809) or through the mail. 

If the rabies date on the renewal form is highlighted, you must also provide a certificate from your veterinarian proving that the dog’s rabies inoculation is up-to-date (we will return the certificate to you). The 2021 dog tag will be mailed to you.

If any of the information provided on your renewal form is incorrect, please make the appropriate changes. 

Should you no longer have your dog(s), please indicate this on the renewal form and return it to the Town of Bristol at 10 Court Street, Bristol, RI 02809.

For questions, please call Melanie Wolfe, Senior Clerk at 401-253-7000 ext. 132.