Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation oversees all the functions related to recreation/leisure planning, park development, and care, management of all recreation buildings and the protection or development of the town’s natural environment.

Recreation and Special Events Calendar

Discovering fitness classes and other program offerings by Bristol’s Parks and Recreation Department is easier than ever! Through the Mindbody platform, users can register, pay and receive updates for all of the town’s fitness offerings, trips, and events online!
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Bristol Town Beach & Sports Complex

The Town Beach and Sports Complex is a 47.15-acre public facility located near the entrance to Colt State Park. Learn more about the amenity by following the link below.

Summer Camp

At the Bristol Town Beach

As a highlight of Bristol’s summer recreation offerings, this is a seven-week program is filled with a wide variety of activities including swimming, tennis, arts and crafts, soccer, kick-ball, and more!

Public Facilities Policies and Forms

Facility Use Permits & More

Learn more about Bristol’s facility-use policies and fees.

Places of Interest

Discover the outdoors in Bristol

Bristol is home to a number of parks, bike paths, walking trails, recreational facilities and open space areas.

Local Organizations

Discover local recreation organizations and sports teams in Bristol.

Recreation Board

The Recreation Board is made up of community volunteers appointed by the Bristol Town Council. The recreation board serves as an advisory group to the director on matters related but not limited to equipment and management of public playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools, bathing places and other community recreation centers. Additionally, the group works to promote recreation, play, sports and physical training in town.

Health Equity Zone

The Bristol HEZ is a community-wide effort funded through the Rhode Island Department of Health by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Health Resources and Services Administration to create innovative approaches that can reduce and manage chronic diseases, promote healthy lifestyles, assure healthy child development, and create environments where healthy choices are easier to make.

Parks & Recreation Newsletter

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Quinta-Gamelin Community Center Address: 101 Asylum Road, Bristol, RI 02809
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday | 8:30AM – 4:00PM

Town Beach & Sports Complex Address: 50 Asylum Road, Bristol, RI 02809
Hours of Operation: Memorial Day through Labor Day | Sunrise – Sunset

Warren rensehausen, CPRP

Director, Parks and Recreation

Phone: 401-253-1611
Fax: 401-410-0019
[email protected]

Tim Shaw

Assistant Director, Parks and Recreation

Phone: 401-253-1611
Fax: 401-410-0019
[email protected]

MIchele Martins

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 401-253-1611
[email protected]