Road Improvement Program

Construction on the following roads will be commencing soon as part of the 2020 Town of Bristol Road Resurfacing Project:

Arthur Ave.Massasoit Ave.Tower St.565
Beach Rd.21 Beach Rd.(Dead End)10
Beachmount Ave.Turner Rd.Oceanview Ave.1850
Birchwood Dr.Sandy Ln.Smith St.1450
Broadcommon Rd.Peckham Dr.Gooding Ave.2775
Brookwood Rd.(Dead End)(Dead End)1000
Clifton Rd.(Dead End)(Dead End)1085
Curtis Rd. / Loring Rd.Brookwood St.Melrose Rd.1200
Dartmouth St.Naomi St.(Dead End)1290
Fenmore Rd.Loring Rd.(Dead End)320
Greylock Rd.Crest Rd.Westwood Rd.1720
Jessica Dr.Narrows Rd.Jennifer Dr.280
Kathy Ct.Jessica Dr.4 Kathy Ct.220
Marshall Ct.Woodlawn Ave.(Cul De Sac)200
Massasoit Ave.Hilltop St.Arthur Ave.250
Paull St.Sheffield Ave.(Dead End)880
San Juan Dr.Fatima Dr.San Antonio Ave.950
St Anna Ave.Franca Dr.Sharman Ave.1150
Terrace Dr.Hope St.(Dead End)1310
Tupelo St.Hope St.95 Tupelo St.2120
Wales Dr.Beach Rd.14 Wales Rd.200
Walnut St.Platt St.(Dead End)110

In addition, National Grid will be commencing with gas main trench repairs on the following roads:

  • TBD