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On August 14th, 2020, the Town of Bristol unveiled its new Town of Bristol website. For more information about the project, please see below.

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Site Goals

Learn more about the design and development goals for the Town of Bristol’s website.


The Town of Bristol website should be easily navigable and intuitive.


Regardless of which web page a user is visiting, the Town of Bristol should provide a uniform user experience.


As more information and services move online, the Town of Bristol must have a platform that had the necessary features and capabilities.

WordPress has 50,000 plugins, and counting.


The Town of Bristol website management should be cost/time efficient.


The Town of Bristol website must have the protections in place to ensure site/content integrity. The Town of Bristol should own its website and content.

Platform Performance

The Content Management System used by the Town of Bristol should have a proven record serving government agencies.

According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 37% of all websites on the internet.


Learn more about the primary color scheme used for the Town of Bristol website.

Black Pearl
Black Pearl

HEX: #15232c
RGB: 21, 35, 44

This dark blue is used for typographic headers, and as way to add contrast and weight to lighter pages. This color is used for the Town’s official site header and footer background.

Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue

HEX: #2091e1
RGB: 32, 145, 225

This light blue is used for buttons and to help certain body element stand out on the page. This color is complimented with white text.


HEX: #e22658
RGB: 226, 38, 88

This rich red is used to identify links in the body and footer section. These links can redirect users to different Town web page or to a external website.


HEX: #f9f9f9
RGB: 249, 249, 249

This light gray is used as a secondary background color in the body section of the website. This color helps separate different sections of content.

Logos and Seals

Learn more about Bristol’s official town logo and seal.

Town of Bristol Official Seal
Town of Bristol Official Seal

This seal should be used when the Town needs to be the symbol of authority, such as on bills and non-digital forms. The Town Seal as been used on official town documents as early as 1880.

Town of Bristol Digital Seal
Town of Bristol Digital Seal

Bristol’s digital seal is used in place of the official seal on all digital properties and communications. The seal was created to work better at small sizes and on screens. There will also be times when a cleaner, more modern interpretation of the traditional seal is needed for print pieces. 

Site Credits

Website Development Team

Chris Vitale

Project Manager

William Robertson

Consultant, Web Development

Steven Fern

Web Development Intern, Roger Williams University
Content Editor

Dominic Petze

Consultant, AMPD Media Pro
Video Content