Opportunity Zones

Bristol is the perfect community for an Opportunity Zone investment.

The Opportunity Zone program, established in 2017 by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, offers an exciting way for investors to defer unrealized capital gains through investing in underdeveloped American communities. The Town of Bristol has one of these zones, which encompasses the majority of the downtown district.

The Town believes that the Opportunity Zone program can be a useful tool in encouraging economic development through funding revitalization projects, affordable housing, and startup enterprises.

Tourism Partnership Fund

Each year, the Town of Bristol allocates approximately $30,000 to support tourism-related activities and programs. In collaboration with Explore Bristol, the East Bay Chamber of Commerce, Discover Newport, and the Bristol Merchants Association, the Town of Bristol has helped to fund:

  • Black Ships Festival
  • British Motorcar in Bristol Weekend
  • Bristol Merchants Holiday Preview
  • Bristol Merchants Snowflake Raffle
  • Bristol Merchants State Street Fair
  • Bristol Harbor Festival
  • Explore Bristol Tourism Website
  • Public Relations