Online Payments

For your convenience, property taxes, tickets, and other municipal bills can be paid online. Please select one of the options below to get started.

Property Taxes

Real estate taxes are due on a quarterly basis. Property owners can pay their taxes conveniently online. Residents can also choose to pay their taxes through direct payments (PDF) or designated installments. For more information on your bill, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at 401-253-7000.

Town of Bristol Tax Payments Website

Tangible Taxes

Each year, the Town of Bristol requires that businesses report the value of their tangible property through a return. Based on the value and depreciation of those reported items, the Town of Bristol assesses applicable taxes. Returns are due to the Tax Assessor by January 31st at midnight (EST). Tax bills are sent via U.S. Mail by July. For more information, please call the Tax Assessor's Office at 401-253-7000 or visit the Tangible Tax information page.

Town of Bristol Tax Payments Website

Municipal Court Ticket

Municipal Court hears matters related to Animal Code Violations, Disorderly Conduct, Harbor Patrol, Traffic, and Zoning. 
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Dog Licenses

Bristol residents can request a new dog license or renew an existing license online. Start here
Find more information on Dog Licenses here.

Department of Public Works Permits

Transfer Station Annual and Day Passes; Road Cut Permits; Dumpster Permits
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Building Department Permits

Solar; Fence; Signage; Moving; Demolition; Plumbing; Electrical; Mechanical; Building
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Water Pollution Control Department

Sewer Permit