Receiving Physical Permits

The Department of Community Development oversees all permitting applications submitted to the Town of Bristol. In 2017, the Town of Bristol moved to an online e-permitting system. To get started, please sign-in or create a new account below.


Sign Permits

Any business looking to hang signage is required to submit a sign permit application. Complete the required steps below, and give your business the visibility it needs!

Step 1: Determine which zoning district your business is located in. You can do this by viewing Bristol's GIS Map

*If your business is located in the Bristol Historic District, you must complete a Historic District Commission Application for review. Some signs may be able to be approved administratively. Please contact the Department of Community Development for additional details.

Step 2: Determine if your business sign complies with regulations in the Zoning Code

*If your sign does not comply with the Zoning Code, work with the Zoning Officer to apply for a variance. The Zoning Officer can be emailed directly at

Step 3: Complete a sign permit application and get approval.

Diane Williamson
Director of Community Development
401-253-7000 ext. 126

Ed Tanner
Principal Planner and Zoning Officer
401-253-7000 ext. 128
Susan Church
Historic District Commission Secretary
401-253-7000 ext. 153