Historic North & East Burial Grounds

Message from the Commission Chairman
The Town of Bristol, Rhode Island is the quintessential New England Seaport Town: lovely, charming, beautiful, active. Founded in 1680, Bristol is also the final resting place for many of our Nation’s first citizens.

The legacy of Bristol includes many wonderful cemeteries, two of which are owned and managed by the Town of Bristol: East Burial Ground, situated on the corner of Wood Street and Mount Hope Avenue and North Burial Ground on Hope Street. The other cemeteries in Bristol are owned and operated either by churches, private groups or families.

East Burial Ground, surrounded by an iron fence donated by the Daughters of the American Revolution at the time of the 250th Anniversary of the Town in 1930, memorializes many of our early ancestors and a few of the many sons and daughters of the American Revolution. East Burial Ground holds an excellent collection of 18th and 19th century headstones.

The North Burial Ground, situated on Hope Street, functions as the unofficial welcome to Downtown Bristol. This is Bristol’s largest, continuously active cemetery since 1822. Here are enshrined the remains of veterans from the American Civil War, the Spanish American War, WW I and WW II and many veterans who lived and died at the RI Home for Soldiers and Sailors. Additionally, North Burial Ground is entrusted with the remains of a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. In total, the ground of the town of Bristol holds the cherished remains of over 3200 military veterans. Each Memorial Day, the Boy Scouts of Bristol continue the tradition of placing American Flags on the grave of each of our veterans. All veterans are welcome to be buried at North Burial Ground. As a note, the US Government manages the Military Cemetery in Exeter, RI for veterans and their partners. In addition to our military veterans, North Burial Ground holds the remains of ordinary people who made Bristol their home: men and women who were farmers, factory workers, fishermen and women, teachers, merchants and shop owners, family members, sailors, sea captains and more.

Our cemetery is not only a historic place, but also the sacred resting place for our community’s recently deceased, regardless of faith or denomination. We continue, to this present day, to receive the remains of those who at one time lived in Bristol or who have ties to our community. North Burial Grounds is open every day of the year as a safe and available location for family and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones. Our cemetery is a place of healing and rest. With a rolling hill and wonderful views of Bristol Harbor, North Burial Ground conveys a wonderful sense of rest and serenity.

A few years ago, in response to a spectrum of concerns including land stewardship, family economics, and ecological sensitivity, in addition to a national trend toward cremations, the Commissioners of the Cemeteries had the vision to create The Cremation Garden at North Burial Ground. The Cremation Garden, surrounding Peters Pond, is an outstanding example of where the historic meets the present day.

We invite you to visit our cemeteries and to enjoy their tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. As the Commissioners of the Cemeteries, we are here to serve you and your family at any time, but especially during the difficult time of death and grieving. We invite you to consider North Burial Ground and The Cremation Garden as the final resting place for yourself and for members of your family. Please contact us by our link through the Town of Bristol’s website, or directly through the website for The Cremation Garden www.Thecremationgarden.com or phone our Superintendent of Cemeteries, Enzly Ramsey, who will gladly discuss your immediate or future cemetery needs. He can be reached at 401-253-6426. We are here to offer our services you and your family and to answer your questions.

On behalf of the men and woman of this Commission,

I am sincerely yours,
Charles C. Cavalconte, M.Div. Chair

The Cremation Garden at North Burial Ground

To learn more about the cremation garden please visit us here.

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