Vital Records

The Town Clerk’s Office can provide certified copies of vital records. These include birth, death, and marriage records of Bristol residents from 1680 to the present.

These include records of all births, deaths, and marriages which occurred in Bristol and:
  • Birth records of those persons born in Rhode Island from 1960 to present
  • Birth records of those persons born in Rhode Island to Bristol-resident parents prior to 1960
  • Marriage records of Bristol residents married elsewhere in Rhode Island
  • Death records of Bristol residents who died elsewhere in Rhode Island
Vital records that are less than 100 years old may be obtained only by immediate family members. Those records greater than 100 years old are open to the public.


Rates for vital records are set by the State of Rhode Island. If obtained in person, the fee for all vital records is $22 for the first copy and $18 for any additional copies of the same record, if by mail the first copy is $25 and additional copies are $18 each. The check or money order must be payable to the Town of Bristol.